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Project Description
CSharp RSS Aggregator is an initiative towards creating an RSS aggregator (named RSS Feedator) for technical blogs and websites.


The RSS Aggregator (named RSS Feedator) currently shipped with the following features.

1. Support Standard RSS Feed format

2. Convert RSS Feed into C#.Net Objects which are easy to hand at the code level. At present following objects are Rss, Channel and ChannelContent.

3. Sample Application to test the feature is written in MVC 3.0 and you can write your own sample application to test and validate the class library.

4. A present following attributes, abstracted by RssAttribute, are supported by Rss Feedator

  - Title
  - Link
  - Description
  - Author
  - PublishDate
  - Guid

In future scope is not yet defined and will post and when available.

Hope this help :)

You can find some useful information on techblogster


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